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Corgipsum is a fast and simple way to use beautiful corgis as placeholders for any of your projects. Wether you are working on some new code or your latest design i'm sure we can find a corgi to fit your needs!

Corgi 118

Choose your size.

All you have to do is type the dimensions of the desired corgi in the url following the domain name and we'll fix you up with a furry friend.
If you want a 400 pixels by 200 pixels picture just use

Corgi 118

Get yourself a square.

The desired image is a square ? You will only need one parameter, so !

But wait, there's more!

Corgi 118

Filters are available.

You can easily add a filter to your image by adding the name of said filter at the end of the url.
Supported filters: sepia grayscale invert contrast blackandwhite blur